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with IMEP™

IMEP™ Integrative Memory Enhancement Program

IMEP™ Integrative Memory Enhancement Program is a dynamic and innovative response to memory loss.  IMEP is a structured, research-based program designed to mitigate early memory loss and dementia in a supportive classroom setting.

For those facing early memory loss or memory changes — from early-stage mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s, dementia, neurological disorders, or simply aging — the IMEP™ Integrative Memory Enhancement Program is more than an approach. It is a sustained intervention program which helps to minimize the progression of memory loss and dementia with research outcomes that show positive results.  IMEP employs specific cognitive and physical exercises along with healing modalities that support overall brain and body functions.

IMEP is being successfully implemented at agencies and organizations that serve seniors throughout the United States. The program is available for purchase as a turnkey programming solution to meet a pressing need.  The IMEP subscription provides curriculum materials for a full-year of programming, and the training and professional support necessary to easily implement the program at your location.

What health professionals say about IMEP:

Doctor recommends IMEP Integrative Memory Enhancement program for MCI mild cognitive impairment and dementia patients

“The IMEP program is a valuable resource for our MCI (mild cognitive impairment) and dementia community. Their approach to engaging individuals in physical and cognitive exercises in a social environment aligns well with what we know helps older individuals with memory loss,” explained Dr. Melanie Chandler, Ph.D., Division of Psychology, Mayo Clinic. “I hear many positive things about IMEP from my patients – not only that they find it helpful, but also that they find it to be ‘so much fun’, as a recent patient of mine stated. I will continue to refer my patients to the IMEP program.”

What our participants and caregivers say about IMEP:

Women and men participate in the IMEP Integrative Memory Enhancement Program in a supportive classroom setting

“It’s a totally relaxed and non-threatening environment. It’s very comfortable – one of the most comfortable I’ve experienced. That’s just as important as the educational aspect – the experience of being in a supportive and caring environment.”

“The classes have greatly improved my husband’s overall ability to function. When he first arrived he wouldn’t engage with other participants. Now he has a positive outlook, joins in group discussions, raises his hand to share, and interacts socially with others in the class.”
“From the moment we walked in, we were welcomed by the facilitators and the participants!  The class agenda was introduced to Mom in such a way that would make her feel comfortable and in control of making a positive and educated choice and change in her life.”

What are you doing to serve the needs of those with early memory loss?

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