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About IMEP

Created by the Council on Aging, IMEP is designed for use in a classroom setting. IMEP is a structured, research-based program that integrates the mind, body and brain connections to boost cognitive reserve and minimize the progression of memory loss or dementia. Maintaining a light-hearted atmosphere and encouraging social interaction and authentic dialogue helps participants feel connected and accepted.

Agenda subscription

Daily agendas, activities and content for 104 IMEP classroom days, customizable for a variety of time frames.


Two days of comprehensive “Train-the-Trainer” instruction on IMEP content and modalities. Includes interaction with existing classes and the management team.

Training podcasts

Video podcasts for facilitators to enhance their presentation knowledge of IMEP program components.

Director’s guide

A complete training manual that includes all the instructive tools needed to conduct an effective and successful program and digital access to all customizable forms needed to conduct IMEP.

Facilitator’s manual

An all-inclusive manual that includes information on memory loss and dementia, program components and modalities, policies and procedures, and more.

Audio/Video Materials

Guided relaxation CD and IMEP chair exercise DVD, “Moving for Memory”

Ongoing Program Support

Includes “Facilitator’s Connection” e- newsletter, ongoing access to IMEP management and continual website support.

St. Johns County Council on Aging, the creator of IMEP, is proud to have this innovative solution implemented by diverse organizations serving seniors.

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